Can You Tell the Difference Between All-Wheel Drive & 4-Wheel Drive?

Perhaps you're a consumer who enjoys driving around town and taking leisurely strolls. Maybe you're a consumer who loves taking your truck out on rough terrain, dirt roads, and ice. Regardless of which you are, it's important to know all your vehicle has to offer.

The difference between all-wheel drive and 4-wheel drive is a small difference, but it's big enough that it can suit different consumers needs depending on what their needs are. For instance, you wouldn't need 4-wheel drive if the worst you were driving through was the middle of town on a perfect, sunny day. Both all-wheel and 4-wheel drive were meant to assist drivers on rougher roads. All-wheel, being for smaller vehicles like cars and 4-wheel being for larger vehicles, like trucks and SUV's. If rough roads are ahead, either would be a good idea no matter what you drive.

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