What You Should Know About Your Brakes

Bear Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram knows brake inspections are important. One of the best times to inspect your brakes is when the wheels are off for a tire rotation. Vehicle owners should rotate their tires at least every 5,000 miles. Your vehicle's owner manual can offer some of the best advice about tire rotation. When you take your vehicle to us, we can examine all the brakes' components. Our examination includes the brake pads, calipers, and rotors. We can also resurface the rotors to prevent brake pulsations if the rotors are not worn too deeply.


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Signs that your brakes are wearing thin can include a grinding noise, fluid on the ground, a dashboard warning light, vehicle tugs to the left or right when braking, or a squishy feeling when applying the brakes. These are warning signs that you should never ignore. The last thing anyone wants to do is cause or be involved in an accident that could have been avoided with good working brakes. Get in touch with our dealership’s service center today and schedule an inspection.

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