Reasons Your Tire Pressure Light Stays Illuminated

The tire pressure lights indicate potential trouble with the tires on your vehicle. These are things to consider when that sensor triggers a change in tire pressure; There might be something stuck in the tire, so use the indicator as a guide as to which tire, and look it over carefully. If you can locate the obstruction, bring the car to Bear Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram so a tire tech can remove it and repair the tire or replace it.

It might just be a result of the weather causing a change in the tire pressure that is setting off the indicator light. In cold weather, the pressure drops, so the tire appears to be under-inflated. In the summer, the heat of the day increases the pressure and will trigger the pressure indicator too.

The mechanics in our service center can closely inspect those pressure indicators and tire to see why the light doesn't go out. Plan you visit to 1127 Pine Street today!

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