Jeep Cherokee: High or Low, Make Your Path Glow

It can be difficult to drive in the nighttime, even with headlights on. And if it’s on the trail, proper and effective illumination becomes more essential than ever. Since the Jeep Cherokee is one of the few compact crossover SUVs that is primed for the outdoors, you will be delighted to know that it comes with a pair of automatic headlights that has two modes: high beams and low beams.

Typically, your Jeep Cherokee’s headlights are set to produce high beams of light. This is most appropriate for driving conditions that require more outside lighting. Indeed, the headlights are designed to automatically turn on for this purpose. However, when you are driving in the nighttime at a certain speed, the headlights switch to low beams so that you can better anticipate what’s ahead of you.

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