The Ram ProMaster City is sure to be what you need when you have a lot of passengers or cargo. At Bear Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram, we’ll show you why it’s a popular cargo van and passenger wagon. It could provide you with some great solutions in Berwick.

The Ram ProMaster City is best in its class when it comes to cargo space. As a cargo van, it will provide you with up to 131.7 cubic feet. It’s also the best for providing you with more width between the wheel wells. You can load full pallets and anything else that you might need.

There’s a significant amount of versatility within the interior. As a wagon, you can enjoy an acoustic headliner and floor carpet. You can fit five passengers comfortably while still having plenty of cargo space. The added perk is that there’s premium upholstery so that you and your passengers stay comfy.



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